Jun 9, 2010

inroducing wa.

hyee.firstly,i have to renovate my blog.
(atas sebab2 yang x dpt nak dielakkan)

okey.today my post is dedicated to one.

her name is nurfazura jaafar.
she's my bestfriend.even before nii x slalu cntact :))
lately nii,i keep in touch ngn diee through fb..
thats was fun..lme da x kne sngal ngn diee..haha..
i knl diee mse f4 kt jb..kteorg stu dorm..
yaa,rmai x brani buli i sbb diee slalu ade backup i :))
she's my protector laa..hee..start knal diee,i chnge alot..
from physically and mentally..clothes the 1st step..
igt lg shopping rye ngn diee..mmg best :))
diee mmg best..happy ble ngn diee..she's perfect..
i ske tgk diee since kt skola lg..hehe :))
klu nk cte,mmg xkn abs laa kan..

lastly,this is for you wa.
-sory sbab x bg url blog nii awal2 sbab it is still in renovation :)
-sory sbab jrang cntact ko..but nw,i try too keep in touch wit u always :)
-even ko jao,ko still besfren aq..n i miss our time together :)
-thnks for being my bestfriend :))
p/s: sory ambik gmba nii kt fb..i like it.. :))

introducing my bestie,nurfazura jaafar.

p/s: she's taken btw..by a perfect guy called mr aieman izzat :)

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