Jun 7, 2010

when i have nothing to write

why i keep changing my blog layout?
because each time i open the blog web,i found sumthing new.

why i keep changing picture of my blog?
because i love to see things differently.

why i keep saying sumthing negative?
because there's alot stuff in my mind.which no one would know.

why i keep saying that i love you and i miss you to you?
guess why?because i could not stop missing and loving you in my life.

do i still have a bestfriend of mine?
of cos.and i heart them alot.

do sumtimes i feel my life incomplete?
to be honest,yes.but he came and complete it.
he keeps accompany me whenever i feel the incomplete feelings.

am i too sensitive?
yes i admit it.and he knows it well.

am i beautiful?
ouhh.of cos im just an ordinary girl.beauty is not all about the looking.

do i trust long distance realtionships?
in my past,i do hate long distance relationships.
but in the future,i do trust on long distance relationships.
because i have strongly faith in him.

do i love to take decision drastically?
noo i am not that person till something force me to do so.

am i a kind little girl?
i can be kind and i can be evil too.its all how the way you treat me.

p/s:all the time,i am unpredictable.but when it comes to a serious issue,
there is no decision to be made twice.once i decide,that is forever.
there's nothing can change my mind.

so,when i say i love you and i miss you to you,it means F O R E V E R.

fullstop for now :)

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