Jun 11, 2010

yesterday's story

i really not in blog yesterday. kecuakan melanda diriku. btw,thnks to ALLAH for the result.
thnks for all the lecturers.family.boyfie.friends.
im sorry.ini crita smalam dibawa ke arini :))
semalam.10 jun 2010. sunway pyramid.double date :))
nadiah ilias.ehsan.syed hussein.izzati farhana.
enjoying the great moment.
movie.kfc.walking.talking.snapping pictures.

lastly.thnks to nadiah and ehsan for the double date.
it was amazing and perfect. next time,double date lg eh :))

to,syed hussein.thnks dear for yesterday.
thanks for the treat.thanks for evrything.
it was another perfect day for us.
i love you.i miss you.

picture :)
together doublee datee :))

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