Nov 22, 2012


assalamualaikum and hello peeps! first of all, im truly very and deeply sorry because its been a very very very long time since my last post. this going to be very simple yet short post. it may be a quotations from the tumblr, twitter or by myself :')

i don't trust people too easily. but when i do, i can be so naive.
i don't love people too easily. but when i do, their happiness is my priority.
i don't act crazy with people easily. but when i do, it means i can see happiness in them.

don't break peoples heart just because you're unsure with your own feelings.
don't come and walk away as you want just because you know someone will be there waiting.
don't treat people like an option when the only thing they do is treating u like their everything.

don't afraid moving on just because the memories are too sweet to be left behind.
there's always a people who love you more than you expected.
there's always a people who cares for you more than you wanted.

if someone leaves you, its because ALLAH promises you a better one in the future. 
HE will always be your guidance. HIS plannings is always better than yours :')

stop worrying, keep praying, upgrading faith & start counting the blessings peoples:)! 

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