May 8, 2011

two big celebrations :)

hello pretty hello handsome! first of all, for all mothers, " happy mother's day. " what can i say, for all mums out there, you are all really a superwomen. no matter how hard or easy a situation is, u are still a great mum for your kids and a great wife for a husband :) on 8 may 2011, im celebrating two things for two important peoples in my lifee! gosh, today is a unique day :) alhamdulillah, today im celebrating not only mothers day for my queen of heart but also celebrating birthday for my king of heart! :) 

meet my two heartbeats.
 mr ahmad fuad bin ahmad sharifudin affandi.
mrs rosiah md yassin.

mama, happy mother's day. ayah, happy 47th birthday! :) mama ayah, you are my heartbeats. without you, i am not what i am now. thank you very much for always giving the best for me no matter how hard the situation takes. thank you very much for always treat me like a princess. thank you for always guide me in doing things,  making decisions. thank you for always fulfilling all my wishes. you both are my magician :) ma ayah, thank you so much for every single thing :') there is no replacement for my world best mama and ayah :') 

mama ayah, i am sorry for everything. for sometimes disobeying you, for sometimes not achieving the best for you, for sometimes hurting you, for sometimes make you worry so much. even sometimes i get naughty, but i promise will take a good care for you. i will never neglect you. and will always keep you as a king and queen of my heart. keep my words :')

ma ayah, my prayers are always with you. may ALLAH always bless you. may all happiness will be given to you. may all your wishes come true. dear ALLAH, pleaseee don't seperate me with these two heartbeats. amiinnn :')

mama ayah, muahmuahmuah.
iloveeyou more than you know :')