May 5, 2011

in a girl's mind.

hello pretty hello handsome. sorry for not updating this blog :) so today, i would like to share on what is in a girls mind. guys, please take note. sometimes, girls can be so compilcated and trust me no matter how long u know her, there is alot more you don't know about her, this is a fact guys. so please don't give up in trying to know her day by day because once you know her, u will feel that she is special than others :) every girl have their uniqueness no matter even they are not pretty like kate middleton or not hot like taylor swift. they are beautiful in their own way. so, let see some of things that i can share in a girl's mind :)

when she's happy, she really do.
when she say she's okey, she's actually not.
when she's mad, she actually not mad but care for you.
when she cry, she really can't express it by words but tears.
when she sad, she need a person who is willing to ask and hear.
when she keep silent, there is million of thoughts in her mind.
when she say something serious, she really mean it.
when she's being sensitive, she need a person who will not give up on her.

this is just a few of a girl's thought, there's many more to discover yawww! :) for guys, a girl really need a person who will never giving up on her no matter how the situation is. if you think you will end up by giving up on her, it's better for you to leave than stay because girls will never stop with her complicated way of thinking and they need a person who have a strong strength to know her and be with her throughout her lifee :) and last, if the girl really loves you, she's falling for who you are and your good looking is only a bonus, not a priority :) by the way, this post is only a thought of mine. no offend pleasee :) pssst, iloveee my readers alot yawww! <3

p/s: best relationship does not have a happy ending because it will never end and fade away :)


  1. Ouh i love this post, darl.. This is soo true.. Even million years are not enough to know your girl well.. :) nice one!

  2. hehe thanks honey, yes that is so true. even a million years, guys will not know her girl well :) girls will stay with their complicated way of thinking and needs a person who able to stand up and not giving up with their love ones :)

  3. for short, girls are unique and extra-ordinary creature ever :D ahha!

  4. yeah! absolutely rite babe. girl are the most extra-ordinary creature ever, we are unique no matter how we are :DD

  5. what should i say after this?? i use to say "I love happy ending".. suggestion please.. ahahaha

  6. hehe. afiq, i used to say the same things too,haha :DD for now, no suggestions in mind. later if i have some, then i will hit you back.haha :DD

  7. jealous with you and syed lah dear :(

  8. hehe. takde ape yg nak di jelouskan laah sayang :) keep in mind okey, every relationship have their own uniqueness in their own way. laah, u pun sweet ngn me.enol :)