Dec 9, 2010

result part 3.

(malay english version)

result da kua. via email okey peeps! alhamdulillah, i da dapat minee. im happy macam balloon balloon kat atas tuu, lagi happy laa dari tuu :) so how's korang punyee?mesti lagi lagi gempak dari minee laa kan. wanna know sumthinng, ape ape punn, cngrats korang even apepun result korang. sbb kte da try our best kan and kte tau psl tuu and sape yang dpt ok alhamdulillah and spe yang kurang its ok laa still alhamdulillah,ade 3 lagi sem nk fighting fighting nii.dont wory okeyy. :) nak tulis banyak tapi tapi da blank sebentar je kan sekarang niii -.- okey so in short, saya tulis pendek yang penting penting je. tapi ade satu yang penting sangat tu, saya tak dapat nak tulis kat sini, public sangat wehhh. sorry peeps! result is private and confidential,heee :p okey, important person to be involve here, yang tolong yang support yang tolong releasekan tension yang tolong aja yang mara yang membebel yang bising suruh revise tp utk kebaikan, hee. and and yang penting nii, orang yang sentiase doakan i without fail :) and till this, i nak cakap million thanks to mama ayah family, syed hussein, houseematess classmatess and all my friends no matter where u are now. as long as u know me, you are my friends and thnnks for what have u do for me before until i am who i am now :) and last but not least, thanks a lot to HIM who give me this award. without HIM, i am nothing and zero. :) alhamdulillah! hopefully next sem i will get better one and same goes to you guys tooo. for you my lovee peepsss! i pray for ur success okieee,lovee you guysss <3

p/s to syed hussein: thanks for the fighting fighting pointer :)
becoming part 4 student :)