Dec 7, 2010


semester 1 semester 2. (past)

kolej alamanda. iloveeeyou till the end laaahhh. (pssst: even you only exist in my heart now -.- )

semester 3. (now) 

uitm kuala pilah. only business no banking student.( uitm seperate business with banking -.-) i miss my banking friendssss alottt :((

semester 4. (future)

woooot wooott. where im heading tooo this timeee? ooo noo!! ooo yesss!! iloveee this :))sayonara to uitm kuala pilah. and welcome to uitm dungun.yes last semester, me and my 4 lilttle friends plan to change our campus.say what? we are crazy? quite but its funn. im excited to terennganu.because i fall in love with terengganu since my last vacation.starting from next semester, im currently an uitm dungun campus student.and and my boyfriend is no longer alamanda since it will be closed and he will be transfer to his new opening campus in tapah. good luck sweetheearrt :) looks like we both will be located in new place. new experience and surrounding.and we will be less in meeting each other after this. ( mood :sad, only HE knows -.-")except only in hols timeee. looking forward for it :) but he said," no matter where u are, i still lovee youu and we will always be together." thnks dear :'))
okey till here. i will post more after this :)

lovee you peeps!

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