Nov 14, 2010

i miss you laa syed hussein.

okey.this post is ecspecially for you,my mr syed hussein :)
and this guy is so awesome for me yaww!! :D

okey,for short,this is for youu lovee <3
i miss you when something really good happens
because you are the one i want to share with.
i miss you when something is troubling me
because you are the only one who understands me so well.
i miss you when i laugh and cry
because i know that you are the one makes my laughter grow
 and my tears dissepear.

i miss you all the timee
but i miss you the most when i lie awake at night
and think of all the wonderful timess
we spent with each other for those were some of 
the best memorable timess of my lifee :)

iloveeyouu and i missyouu sayangg.

p/s: three most amazing person in my lifee.
parents,syed hussein and friends :)

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