Nov 12, 2010

happyy 8 months sayaaanngg :)

current mood: woowww!! :DD
okey this is my first time being  8 months in a relationship.
alhamdulillah.finally i reached this level with the guy i really lovee :)

one sentence that he keep saying to me
"i love you just the way you are.i love you so muchh sayang."-syed hussein

iloveeu moree then  :)
thanks for every single things that u made for me.
the best thing about me is to have you by my sidee.
hope we stay forever till the end.amiinnn :)

with lovee from me,nur izzati farhana.

p/s: the first guy who really took my heart away is you,
mr.syed hussein <33

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