Jun 7, 2010


las nite,nearly 11 pm,i got a text from him.
diee x jadi kua.die kne g seremban tman mak diee..
adk mak diee passed away..

so this post is for you
takziah buat family makcik u..
harap banyakkan bersabar eh :)
bykkan sedekah yassin and doa bwt dieee.. :)

p/s: when it comes to dead,age cant be define.
whenever,wherever and whoever.
it will surely come.
be prepare as you will never live tomorrow :)
live to the fullest.forgive quickly.and enjoy every moment u have.

can i just say suddenly i miss my lovely brother,muhammad faiz rashidi.
alfatihah to him..abang ngah,i miss you so much..
u used to be my shoulder for me to cry on..

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