Jun 7, 2010

p.s i love you

i wake up in the morning.
took the phone.and reply i love you back to him :)
on the tv and yes the movie im waiting for ages..
its p/s i love you on star movies.

ouhh..this story is soo romantic till i didnt realise when did my tears drop.
this story is about a marriage couple..
who the guy is soo kind,hilarious,sweet and good looking.
and the woman who loves to nag nag and keep on nagging.
but the husbands is always patient in hearing it.
one day,the husband passed away because of brain tumor.
ouhh..thats pathetic -_- the wife is devostated and she is kind not accepting it..
after a few days,its her birthday..all her frens come..
and suprisingly,she gots a delivery..
it was a sweet big cake written happy birthday sweetheart..
and there's a tape..which her husband record it for her..
her husband said that he is not ready yet to say goodbyee..
so,he ask her wife to just wait for his letter and follow all what he said..
then the wife keeps waiting..every season,there was a letter for her..
the husband will not leave her alone till she get to manage her own life back..

then,came the last season and the last letter that the husband
ask his mother in law to give to his wife..
the last letter said
"thanks for being my wife.i will never regret it till the end.
i feel this is the last letter i write to you.im just a chapter in your
life and you will find many more outside there.don't afraid
to fall in love again baby."

and every letter that he wrote to her wife..
he will never forget to wrote this,"p/s i lovee you."

ouuuhh,i fall in love with the story :))
p/s to you syed hussein : i lovee you too plus i miss you :))

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