Jun 26, 2010

houssemmatess :))

we start to know each other since we are in part 1.
we are housemates.we do evrything together.
we eat.we laugh.we cry.we care.we share.
everything is so perfect.we need each other.
sometimes,we get misunderstood.
but then,we get along back after a few while.
ouhh i really miss that old time days -_-'

but it last only for a year.
we have to exchange campus.
some are in kuala pilah and some are in jengka.
that is the hardest part -_-

p/s to all of my friends in jengka:-

"you and i will meet again.when we are least expecting it,
one day in some far off place,i willrecognize your face,
i won't say goodbye my dear friend,for you and i will meet again."

btw,my houssematess who is currently in jengka now is
izzah,kinaa,dihaa,wanii,quee,amaa..i love you guyss alot :))


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