May 1, 2010

for you sayang

last nite,after diee habis study calc,kteorg otp.
mcm bese laa kan klu otp,kteorg x pna less than an hour..hee ;))
smalam,diee ckp kt i yg die rsau plus takut sgt2.

him: u,td i lepak ngn jen n ayie.
me: then,u cte cte ape je syg?
him: emm,jen ckp die da break..lyke a week ago cmtuu..
me: oo ok..emm,npe die split up?
him: sbb awek diee da boring ngn diee.awek diee da jmpe ngn org len.
me: okey.emm,then ape lg die ckp u?
him: jen ckp,ayie pun ckp,pmpuan nii cpt je boring cpt je cair ngn laki len.
me: emm..cmtu eh..then u rse ape skang??
him: ble diee ckp cmtu,i rse rsau sgt.da laa bfre nii u ckp u xle jao..haih -_-
me: emm..lg ape u rse syg rite nw?
him: i tkt u akn jmpe yg lbh bek dr i..then......

okey.that is a part of the conversation.
mmg pnjang laa assumption diee.haih..die sriously takut smlm.

lastly,this is for you my beloved:
1.i bkn org yang senang utk fall in,i will be fully loyal.
2.i bkn pmpuan yang snang laki nk ambik ati i.i am unpredictable rite >_< one will replace u in my heart dear.
4.i plih u sbb u ade sumthing yg xde kt laki len.dnt ask me wat is it ok syg ;))
5.i ykin yang we wil be tgether forever till the end.
6.we have our own love story and it is perfect to be continue till the end syg <3

so,sayang,pls dear,dnt wory about that,i would never leave u all alone
by yourself.that is the promise.i love you sayang <3
love u mr.s

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