May 27, 2010

days without u

its been 2 weeks and 4 days since we have not met.
ouhh k.this is really tough for me.
but u said to me and keep saying it,

whenever we are and how far we are,our heart will still love each other.
and i will always love you with all my heart.
yes,that is my strength now :))

this is for you sayang
if you say that u love me,then i would say that i love you more
if you say that u miss me soo much,then i would say that i miss u soo much more
if you say that you wont leave me,i would say me either sayang
if you say that you want me till the end,i would say we will sayang
if you say that u feel u want to hug me,i would say i am beside u waiting for the hug
if you say that u miss my voice,i would say i wiish to talk with u every minute

sayang,do hear me here,u make me fall in love again and again
in every way you show your shower me with love,care and happiness.
u realise me how lucky i am as your girlfriend.u realise me how precious i am to u.
sayang,im happy that our family do bless us together.u are my heartbeat dear <3

dear ALLAH,thanks alot for reserving him for me.
sayang,i wish u are here now with me,holding my hands tightly without letting it go.
sayang,i wish you are here now,i want to say out loud i lovee u and i miss you so muchh.

sayang,thanks for the love,care and happiness.
iloveyousyedhusseinsyedabdulrashid <3

voice of a heart ;)

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