Jan 5, 2012

anything for you, my dear last semester.

assalamualaikum and hello my pretty and readers! it's been a week since new year, and i still want to wish happy 2012 readers! sorry for this late wishes. me is back again. im sorry, since im being a part 6 student, it's being a very peak and tough time for me after the mid-term break. what i can say is hello work loads and bye to the leisure time! yes, im too busy with the business plan, assignment, quizzes and test. ( take note please, im just saying and not complaining here, thankyou.) but still, me is enjoying this last semester very much, alhamdulillah. even with many conflicts around and the work loads not to forget. but, i will always believe that, "HE wouldn't give us a test if we do not deserve and able to handle it." so, be thankful and don't be depress in whatever situations. just enjoy the moment of the life and always be thankful to HIM =) so, i just pray the best for this last semester,amin. anything for you, my dear last semester! therefore,please be nice to me okiesss,hehe. dear readers, just to share a little thoughts of mine here. people may forget about us, they may left us at our hard time but not HIM. HE will always be with us through hard or ease. so, don't forget to say our prayers to HIM. HE will always fulfill it, just in his own way and time =)

till we meet again, work loads calling. *hugs to the females readers* =)


  1. *hugs to the females readers*
    tu ayat cam tak penah nampak. hahaha

  2. haha. memang pun, merepek meraban punye ayat. btw you are one of my favoutire female readers, so hugssss! ngee. =DD