Nov 4, 2011

syukran Ya ALLAH =')

hello and assalamualaikum everyone! let's make this short and simple. today is the official date for all UiTM students to know their result. and this include me! =) what can i say just alhamdulillah, i don't expect for this but thank you to HIM for this valueable award to me.  thank you very very very much to makes me really really really happy. no words can be describe when i first saw tears of my parents because of my result. dear mum and dad, thank you for the prayers and motivations. hopefully, i can give again this award to you in the next semester, insyaAllah. and for all lecturers, thank you for being the best lecturer for me in this semester. for my friends, peeps, u are the best! and last to my beloved boy," sayang, congratulations. we are now in the same company, yeayyyy." dear, thank you for being my best motivator, who able to stay awake to accompany me study and who stand for me even on my swing mood during final. thank you my bestman! =) and for all the peoples who know me, wherever whoever you are, thank you for your prayers. thank you so muchhhhhh!

"effort without prayers is nothing."
ALLAH is the best planner. HE always give the best for HIS peoples.
believe in HIM always. don't ever forget to say your prayers =')


  1. congrat dear... =)

    anda di tag.. jom join segmen bez ;)

  2. thnks sayangggg. woww,saya tengok =))