Oct 11, 2011

save the date :)

assalamualaikum bloggers! it's been a long time since the last post. im sorry peeps. finale is really making me struggling. but now, im back to you dear blog! heeee. okey, today will be such a short meaningful post, heeee. since the last time i met him, finally i met him again. save the date, save the memories. nothing much to say, just thank you so much for today. u impress me unexpectedly than before. thank you for made me special in any ways since we met each other. and the best feeling comes when my mum sees u like her own son. awww, that's really touched me alot ;') btw, al-hijab, its 4 out of 5 peeeps! and actuaries, im happy to see you guys at pyramid even it takes only a couple of minutes! till we meet again :DD

i don't need a millionaire to impress me, 
i just need a guy who can stand for me in whatever ways :)


  1. awhhhh... comel comel.. huhu..
    sedih x dapat nak jumpe dekat2.. waaaaaaaaaa. xtau pon zati ade kat sunway ari tuh..

  2. hehe. thnks ezah. awak tu ngn ehem2 lg comel okey. hehe. aah laaah, sedih2 tak dpt peluk2 ezah tauu. takpe, nnt kte jmpe okey! =))