Sep 15, 2011

will be back again on 5 october.

hello readers! this will be a really short post from me. just a post to say, "dear all diploma UITM students, good luck peoples for your final exam." i pray that we will all will pass with flying colour papers, insyaallah. dear peoples, pleaseee pray for my success in this semester.may i will make my parents proud of me again this semester, insyaallah :)

my final examintaion schedule :)
20sept- malaysian economics
28sept-organizational behaviour
30sept-operations management
2oct-human resource management
4oct-investment management

pssstttt. peace yawww. don't be tension during final exam.
always remember, HE will always be with you 24/7.
study and don't forget to say ur prayers :)

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