Apr 6, 2011

struggling season.

hello pretty handsome readers. guys and girls, sorry lame tak update since sekarang ni musim test sana sini -.- yelaa, final kurang dari sebulan ohhh. mule laa operasi kira mengira carry mark, operasi buat past year paper, operasi start revision :) okey, this semester agak stress out sikit. since semester dipendekkan and sume bende kene pendek pendek pendekkan. smpai final date kteorg pun dipendekkan :(  but its okey, i promise to give my best again for this semester :) for uitm student, best of luck for ur final in advance yawww! :DD peoples, please pray for my success :)

here, my final examination schedule:

20april - mkt 310
24april - law 251 & mgt 300
27april - fin 262

"success = effort + praying to HIM."
 without these two things, success is nothing :)


  1. date nie mmg confirm ea..
    aku punya subjk lg satu tue,ko thu x bila....

  2. haa ble ble? takkan ari sme kot, mmg tak aa kan. date nii cnfirm laa. tak leh nk buat ape :(