Mar 9, 2011

boy, happy 20th birthday :)

hey handsome, happy 20th birthday loveee! :) firstly, sorry u tak dapat nak celeb kan macam kat alamanda last year.  tapi nanti cuti sem laaah kte celeb okey,heee :D here,some short wishes for you :)

you, the birthday boy.
may we last forever dear :D
im praying that may all your wishes come true.
may all happiness will be given to you. 
 don't fall in love with someone else okey,hee! :)
may you be a great son, a great siblings, a great friends and
 a great boyfieee of course :)

the girl :)


  1. Happy Birthday usin! may you guys last forever! :D

  2. aminnn, thnks bagi pihak diee. hahaha :DD iloveeu tira :)

  3. haha, ni ape kes ni men untung la untung la nii, haha :DD eleh, untung laaa org jual mahal kan :DD