Jan 26, 2011

ecspecially for you :)

happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to tiraa.
happy birthday to you :)

ecspecially dedicated to a pretty brilliant girl name nur atirah aidil :) 

sayang, happy 20th birthday. 
may all your wishes come true. may allah bless you.
may all happiness will be given to youu.
may long lasting with mr boyfieee.
stay hot pretty and sweet :)
iloveeyou friend, xoxo.


  1. omg! thank you sayang!!!! u're sooooo cute! semuau nak puji!u toolagi sweet and pretty okay! :) im not that brilliant girllah,syg.. biasa je macam semua org.. :) thanks ya! ily honey!

  2. hehee..ur welcum syggg! nk celeb burfday u jauh, so i just get to give u this :( ish, kte sme2 cntik laaahh :pp iloveeeutoo honey! :)