Jun 1, 2010

123abc :))

oouh.firstly say,i punn xtau ape motif gmba ats nii.
just first time i tgk,and i fall in love with it.
maybe sbb photogenic kott ;))
lorhh,i kan unique.so layan jelaa ehh ;p

actly there is soo many things to be write here.
okey firstly can i just say that i miss my homiee :'((
i miss my mama..ouhh tbe2 jee kan..ank ma laa :p

okey secondly,maybe yang nii mmg da brkali kali post
but u know what i x penah serik to say,"i miss u so muchh sayang"
okey,we skype we call tp x sme mcm kte kt alamanda dulu..
ouhhh rndu rndu kt sayang -_-..nasib mama bg jmpee diee nxt week.
even da bpe kli plan,ade je obstacles..again im so sooryy sayang.
okey,this is the best part..mama ckp mama sukee diee :))
errr..speechless..tp happy gle gle ouhh ble mama ckp cmtu :))

okey lagi ape eh??oo yaa,smlm men tic tac toe again ngn my sayang.
ouhhh mlu mlu nk cte.i klah...hehe :p
tp kan,i always win in one thing..i always win his heart
again and again :)) okey.lastly,jumaat nii,i ambik test L.
err,i stdy law and its boring -_-
tp skali seumur hidup kan..so xp laa :))
btw,i hve to competitors to beat..mama and sayang.. so,best of luck to me :))

p/s: actly,cte xd laa byk sgt..bwt gimik je lbh..hehe :p
sayang.i miss you laaa..next week jmpe okey <3>
123abc :))

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